What are the benefits of creating a profile?
While creating a profile is not required to make payments, it makes paying and managing invoices quicker and easier. Your profile organizes invoices you owe and those you've already paid, plus gives you quick access to your complete transaction history. You can even include accounts for family members, making bill-paying as simple as a few quick clicks.
I made a payment in the patient portal, however I do not see the transaction in my bank account.
It can take up to 7 business days for payments to process through the banking system. The receipt you receive via email at the time of payment is acknowledgement that your payment has been received and is being processed. You can check the status of your transactions in the payment history.
I’m trying to register with my email address but I keep getting a message that the email already exists.
Email addresses are unique and cannot be used more than once. Make sure you or a family member have not already used your email address to create a profile on the patient portal.
If I need to change my credit/debit card information how do I do that?
You can quickly and easily edit your payment method by going to ‘User Profile’ and add a new payment method.
Why do I need to add patient accounts to my profile?
Each patient has unique identifying information that is used to pull the correct invoices from our system.
Why do I need to enter an Account number and an invoice number to set up a patient account?
Account numbers and invoice numbers help confirm that we have the correct information from you in order to display your patient invoices. To see where the account or invoice numbers are located on an invoice, place the cursor over the help icon icon next to the account or invoice number field.
Why should I set up a payment account with my profile?
Payment accounts are not required, however they make it convenient for you to securely store your credit card or checking account information on file. Having this information stored in the system allows you to quickly make future payments with one click.
I made a payment without signing into my patient profile. Why can’t I see the payment transaction in the payment history list?
The patient portal will only display payments made when you are logged in to your patient profile.
I do not see the logo of my credit card listed on Step 1 of the payment screen. Can I make a payment with my card?
The credit card logos displayed indicate what card types are accepted by Physicians Home Health Superstore. If the logo of your credit card is not displayed on step 1 of the payment process, then you will not be able to use that credit card type for payments.